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Goodbye Mayor Engen. Now what?

Missoula said goodbye to Mayor John Engen on Saturday with a memorial celebration at Ogren Park. Family, friends, colleagues, legislators and constituants…even former governor Steve bullock all had a chance to share their stories about Missoula’s longest serving mayor who passed away from pancreatic cancer last week. Hundreds of spectators were in the stands and at times there wasn’t a dry eye in sight, though there was a lot of laughter…but it was Mayor Engen himself who had the the final word on a video screen talking about his unbridled love for Missoula. John Engen was 57.

Meanwhile, the Missoula City Council is accepting applications to fill the vacancy for the office of Mayor following Mayor John Engen’s death. The person appointed will serve until a successor is elected in the next municipal election. The position will be open for nomination and election during the 2023 municipal election to serve out the remainder of Mayor Engen’s term which ends on the first Monday in January 2026. The position currently pays $8,284.52 per month plus City benefits.


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