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10,000 dollar a week Giveaway QUICK PLAY

April 1, 2024


$10,000 a week Giveaway (contest)

This is a texting contest.  Text a keyword to 508 777 1000 each time you want to enter the contest.  You can enter up to four times each day.  You need to use a different keyword each time you enter.  Only the keywords announced that day on 1025 Mountain FM will work.  You only need one keyword to enter, but if you enter all four keywords, you will have a better chance to win.


The 4 daily key words are only available on-air on 1025 Mountain FM and will only be announced once.  Keyword(s) are not available at sponsor locations or 1025 Mountain FM.  They will be announced one at a time from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.  The contest starts April 1 and runs for five weeks.


You have till 11:59 pm each day to enter your keyword(s).  The following day (2) winners will usually be called between 10 am and noon MST normally from a phone number in area code of 260.  You must answer your phone to verify you are the winner.  Up to three attempts to call you will be made in a 15 minute period.  If you do not answer your phone, another winner will be selected.  If you are the contest winner, you will receive $1,000 from 1025 Mountain FM.


You may only win $1,000 once during the $10,000 a week Giveaway.  This is a summary of the rules and does not replace the official rules as posted on and 714 Kensington Ave, Missoula, MT (available during office hours).


To make your texting of the keywords easier, set up a new “contact” on your cellphone with the phone number 508 777 1000.

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