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Candidates for Mayor Announced

MISSOULA - At least 19 preliminary candidates met Friday’s filing deadline hoping to become Missoula’s next mayor, replacing the late Mayor John Engen. Two of the candidates are current members of the Missoula City Council, including Jordan Hess and Mike Nugent; Patrick Weasel Head one is a former member of City Council and Jacob Elder is a former candidate for mayor. City Council will now nominate candidates for interviews before the Montana League of Women Voters. After that, the City Council will begin the process of appointing a new mayor. It's the same process used to fill a vacant seat on City Council or to find a judge on Municipal Court if a seat opens up mid-term.

Here is the list of preliminary candidates:

  • Brandi Atanasoff

  • Teigan Avery

  • Jacob Elder

  • Ken Grinde

  • Jordan Hess

  • Sam Kulla

  • Menodora LeMaster

  • Sean McCoy

  • Mike Nugent

  • Scott Ranf

  • Fred Rice

  • Shane Rooney

  • Todd Smith

  • Michael Sowell

  • Tyler Taylor

  • Giles Thelen

  • Mike Thomas

  • Logan Ward

  • Patrick Weasel Head


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