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Bezos' Money for Missoula!

Jeff Bezos is making his first donations since the Amazon founder pledged last week to give away most of his net worth, estimated at $116 billion…and some of Bezos' money is coming to Montana.

This week, the Bezos Day One Fund announced $123 million in grants to 40 organizations across the U.S. including the YWCA right here in Missoula! The YWCA was encouraged to apply for the grant in August by representatives of the Bezos Day One Fund and was recently informed that they were awarded $2.5 million.

The YWCA opened "The Meadowlark" 18 months ago as emergency housing for families experiencing homelessness and safety for families of domestic abuse. Executive Director Cindy Weese says the Meadowlark has been full since day one.


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