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A Few of MAM's Favorite Things

The Missoula Art Museum is hosting a new exhibition through November at the museum downtown.

"A Few Of Our Favorite Things" was curated by the staff from the 2,500 piece MAM collection. The exhibition features 14 works by 15 artists - with familiar names like Beth Lo and Lela Autio.

Every single staff member was invited to choose an artwork in the MAM Collection and to describe their relationship with the piece.

Their selections represent all aspects of MAM’s operations—education, registration, communication, membership, marketing, facilities, engagement, visitor services, security, advancement, leadership, and even curatorial!

MAM staff are united in their efforts to: Provide dynamic cultural and visitor experiences; Cultivate a positive work environment; Champion Race, Equity, Access, Diversity, and Inclusion (READI) efforts; Encourage generosity and relationship building; Provide accessible opportunities for connection & growth; And recognize & celebrate museum employees!


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