Sales Position 

We are currently looking to add to our sales department. This position is full time. We’re searching for someone who thinks creatively, developing and implementing ideas that will help bring customers to an advertiser’s door.

Current Openings

Traffic Manager

The traffic manager is responsible for scheduling all ads and promotional  announcements on the radio stations, website and social media accounts of the  company. They will provide excellent customer service and assist sales reps and clients  with any inquiries they may have. The traffic manager will do monthly billing, reconcile  customer accounts and provide co-op, sales and traffic reports to clients, sales reps and  managers. They will provide sales and on air talent with missing copy reports, and  schedules for syndicated shows. Additionally, the traffic manager is responsible for  maintaining station files, online and in office, and ordering office supplies as needed.  

Mountain Broadcasting and Digital is headquartered in Missoula, MT. We believe in  building strong relationships with the communities we serve with local news, local talent  and local contests, promotions and public service.