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Montana Vices - Surveys Said...

Montana teens have a lot going for them, according to the latest annual survey of teens and high risk behaviors. Teens are smoking and using tobacco less, drinking alcohol and using marijuana less and fewer reported sexual activity. But the data from almost 17,000 surveys of 7th -12th graders, nearly 60% of teen drivers text or email while driving, at least sometimes;. teens are drinking less sugary sodas, but one in 3 aren't eating breakfast every day. And the number of teens reporting they feel sad or hopeless is at a 30 year high, according to the latest data.

Another study, estimated that in 2020 Montana adults drank over 1000 drinks a year - that's about 20 drinks a week - and only 6 states' drinkers were imbibing more than Montana. But in 2021 the picture looked very different as more folks went back to their usual routines. The amount Montanans drank dropped 41% according to the latest survey by, cutting back so much that only people in Rhode Island and South Dakota drank less than Montanans last year.


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