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Montana gets Billions!

The American Rescue Plan Act passed by Congress gives the state of Montana billions of federal dollars. Most of that money will have specific places it needs to go, but the Legislature has control over about a billion dollars. James Bradley from the UM Legislative News Service Reports after a whirlwind of hearings, the bill that allocates that money is now on its way to be debated by the full House of Representatives after passing through the committee process Monday. The bill establishes several oversight committees and provides granular detail about what money goes where. For instance, more than $600,000,000 will go to water and wastewater projects.

Jones said he was thankful for his committee’s restraint, saying, “irrespective of disagreements, we all behaved with grace and I very much appreciate that.” The bill must pass out of the House of Representatives before May 8th, otherwise the money will go to other states.

By James Bradley - Legislative News Service, UM School of Journalism


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