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Up to 40 homeless individuals will be housed in tents on property off Highway 93, south of Miller Creek, starting next week. The project, called Missoula Temporary Shelter Outside (Safe Outdoor Space,) is a collaboration of United Way, police, health officials, a local rescue mission and several faith communities. Susan Hay Patrick, CEO of United Way, says a private landowner provided the location that will open just in time for Thanksgiving.

“Safe Outdoor Space is a campground that can accommodate no more than 40 of our residents who are currently un-housed, and not accessing services. It is on private land, it is safe, it has bathrooms, it will offer food, handle trash removal, access to showers, services for people who are living out of their cars, living on the streets or in tents in neighborhoods. The sole goal is to offer people a place with dignity during the pandemic, and then link them to appropriate, sustainable housing.”

Hay Patrick says anyone wanting to donate to the shelter can contact April at Hope Rescue Mission.


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