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Missoula Aging Services Says, "Thanks!"

Missoula County voters on Tuesday approved a levy that will help Missoula Aging Services meet the increasing demand for programs that help older adults in our community. “We thank Missoula County voters for standing by their older family members, friends and neighbors,”

Missoula Aging Services (MAS) CEO Lisa Sheppard said. “Our population of older people is increasing, and this levy will help Missoula Aging Services meet the growing demand for its programs, which include Meals on Wheels, support to people caring for loved ones with dementia, and assistance to older people who are trying to find affordable care.” “Missoula Aging Services also monitors the quality of care of people in senior living facilities and protects older people from scams and exploitation,” Sheppard said. “We’re grateful for Missoula voters’ ballot approval and we want to recognize the many community members, local businesses, and foundations who support our work, and we remain thankful for their ongoing compassion for the needs of older adults in our community,” Sheppard concluded.

The population of older adults in Missoula County grew 40% in the past decade, four times that of the overall population. The need for Meals on Wheels, alone, has risen by two-thirds in the last two years. Before voters approved the new levy, the bulk of County funding for Missoula Aging Services had remained flat for 15 years, with no adjustment for population growth or inflation. “We’re thankful for the support of Missoula County voters and glad that Missoula Aging Services will be able to sustain these vital programs as the need for them grows,” MAS Governing Board President Roberta Smith said.

The Missoula County Aging Services levy replaces the current, flat county levy of $350,000 per year with a permanent 4-mill levy, which will better allow Missoula Aging Services to keep pace with the growing needs of our aging population. This modest increase amounts to $3.69 per year for each $100,000 of a home’s taxable value, or about $1.50 per month on an average home.

About Missoula Aging Services:

Missoula Aging Services promotes the independence, dignity and health of older adults and those who care for them. Missoula Aging Services was established in 1982 by the Missoula County Commissioners with a modest budget and a staff of five. Today, Missoula Aging Services empowers thousands of older adults, their families and caregivers through programs, services, volunteer opportunities and education to continue to live independently at home, for as long as possible. Find out more:


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