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Lolo's New School Brings Hope and Progress

This fall, the town of Lolo is about to witness a transformative milestone that will not only impact the lives of more than 500 children but also revolutionize the learning environment for teachers, staff, and administrators. A brand new, state-of-the-art K-8 school building is rising on Farm Lane, a testament to the collective vision and dedication of the Lolo School District. This $26 million project promises to provide a safe, efficient, and inspiring space for students to thrive academically and personally.

A Community United

The journey to this point has been one of unity and collaboration. In 2020, the voters of the Lolo School District overwhelmingly passed a $22.1 million bond to support the construction of the new school. This display of collective trust and investment in the future of the town's children set the stage for the groundbreaking ceremony in the spring of 2022. Throughout the process, local architects and subcontractors with ties to Lolo dedicated their expertise, making the project a labor of love for the entire community.

A Safe and Wholesome Environment

The new school building will provide a holistic and secure environment for students to learn and grow. The improved athletic facilities and a thoughtfully designed playground, safely distanced from busy roads, will foster a healthy and active lifestyle for children. This is a significant step forward from the previous situation, where the school was scattered across various buildings, some dating back to 1900.

Efficiency and Collaboration

With approximately 84,000 square feet of space, the new school is roughly the same size as the old facility. However, meticulous planning and design ensure that every inch of this space will be used efficiently. For instance, the new building will enable teachers to work collaboratively as a team, rather than being divided across different structures. The elimination of wasted space, such as oversized corridors, will ensure a more conducive learning environment for the students.

A New Chapter for Lolo's Legacy

As the Lolo School District moves into its new home, the previous 30-acre site, adjacent to Highway 93, awaits a new chapter of its own. A California-based company, MCG-Vines LLC, has expressed interest in building a residential community with up to 240 homes on the site. This potential development could contribute further to the growth and prosperity of the town, as Lolo continues to evolve and flourish.

The upcoming inauguration of Lolo's new K-8 school building on Farm Lane marks a significant milestone in the town's history. With enhanced safety, optimized spaces, and modern facilities, this $26 million project promises to create a nurturing and empowering environment for more than 500 students, along with dedicated teachers, staff, and administrators. As the doors of the new school open on September 5th, the town of Lolo can look forward to a brighter, more promising future, where education and progress go hand in hand.


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