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Busy Days Ahead for MRA

The Missoula Redevelopment Agency (MRA) is planning several major infrastructure and redevelopment projects. Key initiatives include:

Riverfront Triangle Development: Efforts to attract developers to the long-vacant site at the corner of Front and Orange Streets.

Stockman Bank Impact: The Stockman Bank building increased its property tax contribution from $7,820 in 2016 to $378,000 in 2023, demonstrating the long-term benefits of Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Urban Renewal District II: Projects include sidewalks, water mains, a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over the Clark Fork River, and redevelopment of the former Sleepy Inn site.

West Broadway River Corridor Project: Addressing bank erosion and riverbed restoration near the baseball stadium, with potential recreational features.

Transform Brooks Connect Midtown: A $10 million reconfiguration of Brooks Street to enhance mass transit and create a transit-oriented development corridor.

Front Street Urban Renewal District: Upcoming projects include an ADA-accessible path to the river near Caras Park, redevelopment of the old Missoula Public Library site, and converting one-way streets downtown into two-way streets.

The MRA is leveraging TIF and other resources to complete these projects, aiming to boost economic development and enhance public infrastructure.


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